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As always, no words can quite describe the emotions and love shared on a wedding day like pictures.

When all of the other details of the wedding day have come and gone, the pictures left behind are the key to unlocking the memories of our hearts. The first day of a new beginning.

















































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Lauren and Jeremiah https://wallydyerphotography.com/blog/2014/12/lauren-and-jeremiah-wedding As always, no words can quite describe the emotions and love shared on a wedding day like pictures.

When all of the other details of the wedding day have come and gone, the pictures left behind are the key to unlocking the memories of our hearts. The first day of a new beginning.






















































Thank you for perusing through the beginning of their life together! Please congratulate them on their decision to choose each other for life. :)



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Yalexa and Tim https://wallydyerphotography.com/blog/2014/12/the-twigg-wedding As always, no words can quite describe the emotions and love shared on a wedding day like pictures.

When all of the other details of the wedding day have come and gone, the pictures left behind are the key to unlocking the memories of our hearts. The first day of a new beginning. :)

Details: The DressDetails: The DressDetails: The Dress



Details: The ShoesDetails: The ShoesDetails: The Shoes



Groom: The TieGroom: The TieGroom: The Tie




The Bride: The Earrings The Bride: The Earrings The Bride: The Earrings



A gift: MK HandbagA gift: MK HandbagA gift: MK Handbag



A gift: An apple watch gift cardA gift: An apple watch gift cardA gift: An apple watch gift card



Three to get ready...Three to get ready...Three to get ready...



Three to get ready...Three to get ready...Three to get ready...



Silly in her own waySilly in her own waySilly in her own way



So wrong and so hilariousSo wrong and so hilariousSo wrong and so hilarious



Friends and Loved onesFriends and Loved onesFriends and Loved ones



Here comes the brideHere comes the brideHere comes the bride





We are gathered here todayWe are gathered here todayWe are gathered here today



Pure happinessPure happinessPure happiness








This is obviously a metaphor for me providing you with sustenance foreverThis is obviously a metaphor for me providing you with sustenance foreverThis is obviously a metaphor for me providing you with sustenance forever



Ohhhh!! It's you!Ohhhh!! It's you!Ohhhh!! It's you!








One proud dad and his wolverine sonOne proud dad and his wolverine sonOne proud dad and his wolverine son






Elegant dancingElegant dancingElegant dancing



Intimate dancingIntimate dancingIntimate dancing



There are no wordsThere are no wordsThere are no words



Sliiiiide to the left...Sliiiiide to the left...Sliiiiide to the left...



Dip meDip meDip me



40 years and newlyweds 40 years and newlyweds 40 years and newlyweds



Alright. Yalexa, give me seductive. Tim, give me GQ looking off into the distance. Alright. Yalexa, give me seductive. Tim, give me GQ looking off into the distance. Alright. Yalexa, give me seductive. Tim, give me GQ looking off into the distance.











We didn't choose the thug lyfe. Thug lyfe chose usWe didn't choose the thug lyfe. Thug lyfe chose usWe didn't choose the thug lyfe. Thug lyfe chose us





Thank you for taking a peek into the lives of a new couple! Please give them your best as they endeavor in the greatest most adventurous iteration of love we know.


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Thanksgiving. Thankfulness, Gratefulness, and Appreciation. https://wallydyerphotography.com/blog/2014/11/thanksgiving-thankfulness-gratefulness-and-appreciation Hi. :)
It's the time of year when we all reflect on life, family, friends, and all we have to be thankful for.
I'm thankful for a lot. I don't ever feel like I can accurately express in words just how thankful I am. Because words have never been my strong suit, I've always fallen back onto more tangible creative expressions to convey my gratitude. That said, I can think of no better way to say thanks to all of the people who chose me to be their photographer than by showcasing pictures from each couple or family this year.
Again, there aren't enough words I can say that can express how thankful I am for each and every one of these families and people who have chosen me as their photographer for whatever event, product, or family shindig. I really do fall in love with the people that I shoot and I never want that to stop. So again, again,...
Thank you for making Wally Dyer Photography's 2014 year a huge success (in my eyes!)!!! 
[If I've forgotten you this year it's only because my pictures are out of order, not because I've actually forgotten you :P   Send me an email and I'll fix it!]
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The Power of Perspective https://wallydyerphotography.com/blog/2014/10/the-power-of-perspective Alrighty. So a friend of mine asked me to shoot his baby. In a pumpkin. lol. I'm not too good with kids (I'm actually just afraid of them) but after some convincing, I headed over to his casa. I was HOPING to get pictures done outside, in the grass, and with a beautiful cloud filled sky in the background. Unfortunately by the time we got off of work, it was miserable outside. Rain. Grey sky. Overall drab.

So what did the photographer in my head start to think? Let me show you the finished product first:


Yesssss!!! Total cuteness, right?? How about this?


EPIC!!! What a good looking family!!!

But, like the title of this post, there is power in the perspective. I'm sure some photographers and viewers will notice I'm almost shooting UP at the couple. Like I'm laying on the ground. Of a garage:



There was a quick snap with my iphone ^^. Indeed, we're in a garage. Now go back and look at the first two pictures. NOW you can see we're in a garage, right? You start to notice small details and clues that let you know where you are.... now that you know where you are.

A neutral colored blanket on the floor kept the concrete from becoming a distraction and shooting from below pumpkin level gave the sky an opportunity to open up behind the baby! Voila! Troubleshooting the photographer way! So even though we didn't get to shoot in the grass, I think the pictures still came out looking pretty spiffy :)   These will make great #throwbackThursday pictures for baby Haley when she's grown up one day!

Here's one more picture to show you how much room a garage door allows when you're laying on the ground:



"Totes presh" as a friend of mine says :P

Have an awesome Friday!! If you're a mom, go carve a pumpkin! If you're a photographer, go lay on a garage floor!!!

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Good Deal Print Review: Nations Photo Lab https://wallydyerphotography.com/blog/2014/9/good-deal-print-review-nations-photo-lab Alrighty. Cruising around FB one day, I saw an ad (SURPRISE!!) for $6 prints. 16x20 prints. All I could think was "niiiiiiice". So I figured I'd give "Nations Photo Lab" a try! :)

So I ordered some prints. I ordered a handful of 5x7 prints and three 16x20 prints hoping they would come out to be pretty awesome. My monitor is calibrated and I export from Lightroom using a calibrated color profile, just to be clear.

Ordering: Super easy. This is pretty standard nowadays. The only part of ordering that was less-than-intuitive was their print size selection. But once you see that you can select a photo (or more) and then select the size and add to cart, it's pretty easy to figure out.

Payment: Pretty standard. Cards and paypal.

Shipping: I got my invoice immediately in my email and they have plenty of FAQs that answer the questions about how many days it would take to be printed and arrive at your door step. I ordered on a Monday and had my prints in hand on Friday. To be fair, they're shipping from two hours north of where I live in MD so this level of expediency is probably not normal for every part of the country. Shipping was $7 for orders under $50 and free above that number.

Packaging: Boom! iphone Picture time!


Priority mail box!




Invoice is taped to the protective cardboard.




The prints are in between the protective pieces of cardboard. Taped on all four sides.




The 16x20s were in a protective piece of plastic and the 5x7s were in this small brown paper pouch.




The 5x7s look awesome :) 





Kodak Professional Endura paper...





The plastic covering has a sticky lip to keep everything inside.





The 16x20s look great :)   I can't wait to get frames for them!



Overall opinion: The prints look great and the colors look just like they do on my monitor. I couldn't be more happy with them ESPECIALLY for the sale price. If you're looking for really, really well priced prints that look awesome, check out Nations Photo Lab.


wally@wallydyerphotography.com (Wally Dyer) Baltimore Baltimore Photographer Baltimore wedding Baltimore wedding photographer Nations Photo Lab Photography Print Review Wally Dyer Wedding dc dc photographer district of columbia wedding photographer https://wallydyerphotography.com/blog/2014/9/good-deal-print-review-nations-photo-lab Mon, 29 Sep 2014 17:39:29 GMT
Maria & Philip https://wallydyerphotography.com/blog/2014/9/maria-and-philip Maria and Philip were my first couple at the Newton-White Mansion in Mitchellville, MD. To say the layout of the mansion was gorgeous is an understatement. I really wish I had taken advantage of the moving wall on the main floor near the kitchen for pictures, but alas, no such luck. These two lovers met in 2010, got engaged at Brookside Gardens in 2012, and married this summer. Less talky, talky. More pretty pictures. (Apologies in advance for the mushy photos, I'm a sap!)

Enjoy :)






























































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Pie. Plan, Implement, and Enjoy. https://wallydyerphotography.com/blog/2014/9/easy-as-pie-plan-implement-enjoy A friend of mine asked me recently about some of the principles I live by and I couldn't help but share with her that one of my favorite principles is trademarked by Nike. "Just Do It". (Yes, this blog post will be full of random sunflower related pictures that I took for a friend who wanted pictures on a whim... which definitely fits this post!)

In getting to this point in my photographic journey, I've come to realize that there are (really) two kinds of people in the world. Those who talk about doing and those who just do. We see this everywhere in life. How many times to do we TALK about going to the gym only to wind up on the couch watching an hour of netflix? How many times do we TALK about learning a new skill only to wind up in the "music video" section of youtube? For the photographers, how many times do we talk about setting up a shoot and learning a new lighting technique only to find we've spent a couple hundred bucks on a video workshop we still haven't finished watching?

The only difference between people who have these amazing journeys in their life and the rest of us is there willingness to just DO. Talking about a vacation in Bora bora sounds awesome but actually spending the time to layout a budget, plan, save, sacrifice, and dream about it, takes effort. (Yes, even dreaming takes effort). It takes a ton of small steps to conquer that task and to get on that plane and to enjoy those glass bottom huts! Planning a wedding is no different than planning an exotic vacation. I'd venture to say, you can do ANYTHING if you do your planning homework and start to implement your will in a specific direction. :)

I was going to make this blog post longer (I have so much to say!) but really, at this point, if you understand the concept of just going out there and doing something, I don't really need to delve into it any further. I would like to say that being a doer is as "Easy as P.I.E."  Yes, I'm a sucker for acronyms. Plan, Implement, Enjoy. That E might be the most important part of all of this planning.

If you plan a trip to Bora bora, you'll mentally try to have a good time. If you plan a night out on the town, you'll mentally try to have a good time. So when you plan your wedding, don't forget to mentally plan to HAVE A GOOD TIME. Yes, it's a lot of work. Yes, some things will still go wrong. Yes, all of that planning doesn't ever add up to perfection. BUT, you can STILL have a great time on the first day of the rest of your life.

wally@wallydyerphotography.com (Wally Dyer) Baltimore Baltimore Photographer Baltimore wedding Baltimore wedding photographer Photography Wally Dyer Wally Dyer Photography Wedding anniversary dc dc photographer district of columbia easy as PIE photograher plan, implement, enjoy wallydyer.com wedding photographer https://wallydyerphotography.com/blog/2014/9/easy-as-pie-plan-implement-enjoy Wed, 24 Sep 2014 12:26:36 GMT
Choices. Selflessness, Sacrifice, and Self. https://wallydyerphotography.com/blog/2014/8/selflessness-sacrifice-and-self What do you want? Really. What do you WANT?

This is all that life asks of us in every moment. Our answer to the question always manifests as a thought and that thought evolves into an action (or inaction, which is an action). We answer this question so much and so often that we often go through that process of answering and acting on auto pilot.

Do I want to smell like a pig today? No. So I think I'll shower. *takes a shower*
Do I want to have bad breath and tooth decay? No. I'll brush my teeth. *brushes teeth*
Do I want to walk outside without killing my feet? Yes. I'll put some shoes one. *you get the idea*

We make thousands of innocuous decisions based on our want and apply our will to that want every single day. But for some strange reason, when we come across something different in our world, something new, we act like we're answering the question "What do you want?" for the first time, ever. (We are such strange creatures!)

Being a wedding photographer, I get to witness the most grandiose answer to the question "What do you want" that someone could ever give. That would be the wedding where two people, very publicly, affirm that the person standing across from them is who they choose to love until they die.

So let's go back to the decision of brushing your teeth for a second. If you don't brush your teeth, in a day or two, your breath will be stanky. Yes, stanky. In a month, you'll be growing cavities like a cavity farmer. In a year, you're more than likely to suffer from some serious tooth decay and your friends will hold an intervention. In ten years, your teeth will be quite rotten and it'll be nigh impossible to get a job with such terrible hygiene. In thirty years, odds are good your entire mouth will hurt and the pain will affect everything you do in life.

So what's my point?

Marriage is like this. On the day of your wedding, you're making a decision to love this other person forever. But forever comes one day at a time.

Every day you have to answer the question "What do you want?"  Many times the question is answered in other tiny questions that will affect things in your marriage a day from now, a year from now, even thirty years from now. Like a house that's built one nail and screw at a time, marriage is built one small decision at a time. At the end of your life, you'll look back and see a home that was built by the love (which is just another word for selflessness and sacrifice) between two people. All of those small decisions you made to put your spouse and your friend and your lover first will grow into the most beautiful expression of love.

So every day, when you have to answer the question "What do I want?", please remember to answer with thoughts of your future. Remember to answer with your actions. And remember to answer with love.

wally@wallydyerphotography.com (Wally Dyer) Baltimore Baltimore Photographer Baltimore wedding Baltimore wedding photographer Photography Wally Dyer Wedding anniversary dc dc photographer photograher wedding photographer https://wallydyerphotography.com/blog/2014/8/selflessness-sacrifice-and-self Tue, 05 Aug 2014 14:17:35 GMT
Perspective. Life, love, and photographs. https://wallydyerphotography.com/blog/2014/7/perspective-life-love-and-photographs Perspective.

The dictionary says it means "a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view."

Photographers talk constantly about perspective and changing your point of view (which affects your framing, composition, leading lines, etc) but I think we forget sometimes that our subjects are real people too, who sometimes can use a little help with their own perspective.As a wedding photographer, I get to photograph the starting line of a lifelong race that two people chose to run together. It's an amazing day that we all know isn't the end of single-hood so much as it's the beginning of a life long adventure.


Rain during your wedding? Not even a problem. Here's a beautiful bride and groom in the rain with a red umbrella.

That little truism is important to keep in mind on a day often riddled with so much potential to go wrong. All the planning in the world won't make the day run perfectly but mitigating the potential for things to go wrong with two venues, a dozen vendors, and a couple hundred friends and family is always a nice thought to keep in mind while planning.


The love is in the details...


I think that's why one of my favorite moments during almost every wedding I've been a part of is the moment the bride is looking at me for reassurance that everything is going okay. She knows I've taken pictures of the friends and family and vendors and details and every other piece of her day while she's been hiding in a room getting prepped. She takes just a moment to ask with her eyes "Is everything going okay?" and I always answer back with a smile and some reassurance about how beautiful everything is and how amazingly everything is coming together.


Is everything okay? Asked the bride as your second rented body started to fail lol

I can always honestly answer that way because I know at the end of the day when everything else has been eaten, used, or melted away, there will be a bundle of pictures that I give her that show her just how beautiful the day was. She can see how fresh her flowers were even when the florist forgot a boutonniere. She can see how yummy her cake was when her new husband fed it to her even when the bakery forgot the topper. She can see how much everyone loved dancing to her playlist even when the DJ forget her favorite song. She can see how much she loves that man sitting next to her even if her day wasn't absolutely perfect. Because in the end, her day WAS perfect.



She married a man she loves.
She shared that love with friends.
And she'll share those memories through these pictures with her children, and their children, when they're ready to make the same decision.

wally@wallydyerphotography.com (Wally Dyer) Baltimore Baltimore Photographer Baltimore wedding Baltimore wedding photographer Photography Wally Dyer Wedding dc photographer district of columbia perspective photographer wedding photographer https://wallydyerphotography.com/blog/2014/7/perspective-life-love-and-photographs Wed, 09 Jul 2014 16:00:18 GMT
Greg & Lindzie https://wallydyerphotography.com/blog/2014/6/greg-lindzie I finally got a chance to take Greg and Lindzie out for some pictures of the two of them. I was their wedding photographer in February and there were some technical difficulties at their wedding that prohibited us from getting some really good couple pictures. So here we were back at the chapel and then in Alexandria making these beautiful images :D

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do :)


























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My first second shooter and everything goes sideways... https://wallydyerphotography.com/blog/2014/5/my-first-second-shooter-and-everything-goes-sideways So... I've never been a second shooter for a wedding. I can't even explain how interesting it's been to be a solo photographer for so many years now and dream of second shooting for someone else but here I am "doin' my own thang" as it were. Luckily for me, there are a few people in my life who've shown a great interest in second shooting for me. Here is one of those people.

Ladies and gentleblog-readers, Jarred:

Obviously this is a terrible picture taken of Jarred at the wedding we shot last night but since the bride was sick and not doing well at all (and the ambulance hadn't arrived yet), I decided to snap a nutty pic anyways. Not having been a second shooter, all I could do was give Jarred advice about the day and everything it normally entails. Except the wedding day was nothing like a normal wedding day.

Normal wedding days run from 10-10 or so, depending on numerous details, and don't end with sirens. Yesterday's wedding started at 7a, included two ceremonies, a roasted pig (yes, the whole thing), no desire for formals, and trip to the hospital. Let me just say... this being Jarred's foray into the wedding photography world... might have been a crazy left foot to start with. 

When the lovely couple leave in a red box on wheels, you might find yourself wondering if the wedding is over or not. A huge part of me wanted to hop in the ambulance with the couple or at least follow them to the hospital to get some pictures to help document their day. I'm sure a lot of people would think this to be "insensitive" but these are the real moments of our real lives that we're trying to capture for people and as a wedding photographer, I KNOW that means in sickness and in health.

Luckily the bride is doing great this morning but I was really worried. Life is a funny thing.

So back to doling out advice to Jarred...

The biggest piece of advice I could give yesterday? Weddings are unpredictable. Even when you've attended the rehearsal and everything is "set" in everyone's minds, things can change in an instant at a wedding. All of the sudden people might become interested in some very formal pictures or someone can even get sick. That's how life works too though. And we all keep chugging along trying to make the best of it. And we will, won't we?

Here are some teasers from the best parts of the wedding :)





































Congratulations to Barbara and Nick for sharing an AMAZING wedding day with me and Jarred. I'm sure their kids and grandkids will love these pictures some day :)


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Conceptual Posing https://wallydyerphotography.com/blog/2014/4/Conceptual-Posing Get close. Back up.
Add OCF. Try natural light.
Pose. Let them freestyle.

Try everything.

I find myself moving further and further from actual instruction during posing and moving more into conceptual posing. I can tell a person to shift their body weight, move an arm, and even flip their hair but I find it a million times easier to give my subjects a concept and let them execute it. I've found this does a couple of things that I really enjoy:

1) It makes your subject part of your creative process.
Face it. People are paying you to bring the best out of them. Why not use them to bring the best out of themselves?

For the picture below, I told the groom to "press her against the wall and go in for a romantic kiss... but try not to look aggressive". Voila. Here is this "film noir" looking image of a groom going for it. I felt it brought out a lot in this couple. The groom is a 6'4" tall guy so making him appear softer was important to making this image work.


2) It gives the subject freedom.
I'm not a fan of feeling like I'm restricted in what I can and can't do so why would I put that type of pressure on a couple. I want them to feel like they can be themselves without inhibition.

"What does a "normal" day on the couch look like for you guys? Let's capture that."  When you ask for concepts, the subjects no longer feel lost or have that feeling like they may be "posing incorrectly". You're going to look your most natural when you're most comfortable. Letting people be who they are everyday is an easy way to make that happen.


3) It leaves room for the unexpected.
Sometimes you never know what the subject will do.

"Hold her like you normally would at home... wait, you normally hold her with her back towards you??"  There's no way I could have predicted that this would be a most comfortable and natural pose for this couple. Period. Impossible. As a matter of fact, shy of sitting against him in a chair, I'm not sure I'd ever post a couple like this standing up. But here it is. Comfortable and natural and full of real happiness.


 I've had great results with this method and rarely have to make small adjustments for strange things (balled up fists, hair, et al). All of this adds up to a subject that is comfortably revealing their true self and great images. :)

wally@wallydyerphotography.com (Wally Dyer) https://wallydyerphotography.com/blog/2014/4/Conceptual-Posing Thu, 24 Apr 2014 13:30:04 GMT
A confession https://wallydyerphotography.com/blog/2014/4/a-confession Recently I photographed a wedding where I did NOT feel confident about my work while I was snapping away. Normally I'm on my A-game and feeling the movement of the bride and groom and moments unfold just before they're meant to but not on this particular day. I felt like there were too many distractions. Too many nuances that were keeping me from enjoying the occasion as I usually do.

Typically I'm intoxicated with the wedding day hoopla... but not this particular day.

So what happened? My hyper analytical mind kicked into overdrive especially considering this was the first wedding where I've ever felt this way.

A myriad of factors contributed to my brain's interpretation of the day from unruly kids, drab environments, and even my own struggle with my (sometimes frustrating) two camera race harness but by the end of the wedding... I figured I'd royally screwed up and just offer the bride and groom a few extra sessions of just the two of them.

But then some magic happened.

The bride received the pictures and loved them.

For whatever reason, I was completely distracted this day and couldn't just see everything for what I normally see it all to be: beautiful.

I'm still going to take the bride and groom out for a fun couple session but a giant weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I hope I never get so distracted by the hoopla to forget to enjoy the hoopla again.


wally@wallydyerphotography.com (Wally Dyer) Baltimore Baltimore Photographer Baltimore wedding photographer Photography dc dc photographer wedding photographer confessions wedding photography https://wallydyerphotography.com/blog/2014/4/a-confession Fri, 04 Apr 2014 03:11:04 GMT
It's not the gear... in the beginning... https://wallydyerphotography.com/blog/2014/2/its-not-the-gear-in-the-beginning

As a photographer you find yourself in a constant skills versus tools battle.

When you first start out, you're told by other photographers that skills will carry you as far as you need to go with any tool. This is only partially true. It is true that composition, framing, posing, ambient lighting, and a gamut of other photography related skill have nothing to do with the gear but eventually, to step your game up to the level that the pros are shooting, there will be a shift to some gear that is more capable than the gear you buy as a beginner.

A great example was my post about those new high speed sync triggers that I purchased recently. It made my normal shoot skyrocket to something that people have called my best work. (see this picture? That's the one...)

I got a lot of kudos but all I could think was "is this all that was holding me back this whole time?". The answer of course is kinda. The skills to produce that image were there but I was trying to create a Monet using a toothbrush as my paint brush. Could it be done? Maybe, kinda, sorta. Can it be done well? Probably not.

So the high speed sync triggers helped to step up my time of day game and in a few days, I'm hoping an AlienBee 1600 and Vegabond portable battery will help to step up my game even more.

I've been shooting with SB600 flashes for a while now. I've got three of them and two yongnuo flashes for everything I've done so far. The AB1600 provides me with the power of 10 SB600s in one flash. Still portable, a little more bulky, but a much better tool for painting my images with light. I'll do a review on them as soon as they get here. Hopefully I'll be able to test it all out for a baby shower this Saturday. I'm hoping to create another image that will blow people's minds.

Funny. I used to want to take great pictures. Now I want to take pictures that will blow people's minds.



wally@wallydyerphotography.com (Wally Dyer) Baltimore Baltimore Photographer Baltimore wedding Baltimore wedding photographer Photography dc dc photographer event photographer https://wallydyerphotography.com/blog/2014/2/its-not-the-gear-in-the-beginning Wed, 12 Feb 2014 21:05:21 GMT
High Speed Syncin' triggers... how did they do? You tell me! https://wallydyerphotography.com/blog/2014/2/high-speed-syncin-triggers-how-did-they-do-you-tell-me Here are a couple of pictures from a shoot I did last weekend with triggers that don't high speed sync:



And here are a couple of pictures I did this weekend with the new triggers that do high speed sync:





So there are a couple of variables that aren't fairly compared in these pictures...

The former weekend was overcast and at one point snowing. So really getting a good exposure for the sky wouldn't have made a difference hence pictures at f/3.2 and 1/200th of a second. I still got nice background separation at f/3.2 by moving closer to my subject.

The later weekend was taken an hour and fifteen minutes before sunset and though the lake was frozen over, it wasn't that cold out. Getting exposure for the sky at f/6.3 and 1/4000th of a second made all the difference between a background that would have just been blown out light and a properly lit subject and a picture with a properly exposed background and an ALSO properly lit subject.

Either way, I had a ton of fun and I'm glad I picked up those Yongnuo YN-622N triggers and receivers!!!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!


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New Gear!! YN-622N trigger/receivers https://wallydyerphotography.com/blog/2014/1/new-gear-yn-622n-trigger/receivers As a photographer, there are times when you know you need to grow your skills and there are times when you need to grow your gear. The need to grow skill comes a million times more often than the need for new gear but every once in a while...

Introducing the Yongnuo YN-622N trigger/receivers for Nikons. I've been using the RF-602 trigger and receivers for a few years now and love them. Cheap. Efficient. And cheap. Did I mention they were $99 for a trigger and four wireless receivers? I run my lights in manual so I've never wanted anything else out of a trigger... except AUTO FP. For the non-nikon shooters, Auto FP is nikon's fancy name for high speed sync. Imagine being able to take a picture at f/2.8 and 1/4000 instead of being limited to 1/200 or 1/250.

THAT is the magic that the new YN-622Ns bring to the table.

Look, here's a picture of my coffee table with a flash laying on it's side at 1/4000s and f/2.8 with the flash at 1/8th power:

Amazing that you can even see a light!! For the photographers out there looking for a cheap solution for HSS and wireless off camera flash (without spending PW money) the YN622 looks like a great alternative.

Another nifty feature that my old trigger and receivers didn't have that the 622 does have is the ability to group lights and trigger specific groups. The A/B/C on the right side of the receiver means seven (A,B,C,AB,BC,AC,ABC) potential groups for selective triggering!! Imagine being able to "turn off" a flash from across the reception hall without walking across the reception hall! Setting up your lights in advance means less walking around with a speedlight on a stand and more picture taking!

The 622s can also select up to seven different channels to broadcast on so if you imagine seven different groups per broadcast channel...


So how much will this damage your pockets?? A set of four triggers is... *drumroll*... $152 shipped CONUS. Nice, right!!!

I can't wait to use these fancy new features in an upcoming headshot shoot and a Virginia wedding next month! :D

I'll report back when I have more news about these trigger/receivers! Until then, happy shooting!


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Truths in life are found in everything https://wallydyerphotography.com/blog/2014/1/truths-in-life-are-found-in-everything

Here's a gratuitous picture of a 100'x30' waterslide that a bride and groom had setup in their backyard after their wedding ceremony! It's not relevant to this blog post at all but I like it and it's cold in maryland right now.


So the photo dudes over at Fstoppers put out a fantastic article with some truths for photographers worth reading about.
Here is that article in the form of a link you can click!

What I don't think they realized is these principles apply to every day life also. Not just the life of photographers. I tell people all the time to just chase their dreams. Go after what you want because you get one life and who wants to look back and think "I wish I would have..."?


The main topics they talk about are:

1) The fear of failure.

"If you aren’t failing, you aren’t pushing your limits." This is one of my favorites. I've failed at a LOT in life but like most people who fail, you can often find yourself surrounded by people who only see your successes. This happens a LOT. No one wants to focus on the failures it took to get to success but they are real and the less we talk about them, the less people realize they need to happen for learning and growth to happen.

2) The fear of rejection.

"But you’ll never find them if you don’t brave the possibility of a “no.” Rejection happens, but it’s through rejection that we find those that value us the most." Guys understand rejection very well. We should all be so lucky to learn at a young age that the worst answer we can ever receive is a "NO". And "NO" is not that bad of an answer. Life is about coming up with better solutions beyond the "NO".

3) The fear of losing money / The fear of raising prices

"Believe in yourself enough to invest in yourself. If you’re willing to invest in your work, other people will be too." Oh snap! Another life lesson!! I combined these two topics because in life outside of the photography world, this is about valuing yourself as an addition to the human race. Believe it or not (regardless of what your friends, parents, enemies, or self-esteem says) you are valuable to the human race. Your goal as a human is not to skate through life but to ADD to life. Who's life? Anyone and everyone. Naturally you'll affect other people if you do something or nothing. So why not be intentional about the influence you have on the world? YOU are worth it. YOU are worth an investment especially from yourself. Get that into your head. Then go do something amazing.

4) The fear of success

Defining success is important (not everyone wants a mansion. Have you ever had to clean a house with TWO bathrooms??). Just as important as defining success is making sure not to self-sabotage. There's a great article about it HERE. Enjoy that. Sorry for so many links. I enjoy reading a LOT.


Have an amazing day, invest in yourself, and do something amazing!!!

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Build something you believe in even when you can't believe in yourself https://wallydyerphotography.com/blog/2014/1/build-something-you-believe-in-even-when-you-cant-believe-in-yourself The sooner you quit, the sooner you'll never go anywhere.

The sooner you compare yourself, the sooner you'll go back to dreaming.

The sooner you DO, though, the sooner you can be yourself.
















2013 (I couldn't pick one!)






Sometimes it feels like your competing with other people but you aren't.

Your biggest competitor is yourself.

Overcome yourself and you'll build something you can believe in even when you can't believe in yourself.

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2014 and the future of my blogging... https://wallydyerphotography.com/blog/2014/1/2014-and-the-future-of-my-blogging I'm not gonna lie. Having a facebook page gave me an outlet that I didn't have before and being half asian (I like numbers!!!), the facebook page analytics really appealed to my "wow that's a lot of likes and views on a picture!" type nature. So that being said, hopefully I can keep the blog updated with projects this year and (*gasp!*) link them from my FB. Doing my blog posts here (on wallydyerphotography.com) and importing the older ones (from wallydyer.com) means I might be letting wallydyer.com go. Maybe...

I've never been one to talk much on my blogs but let me outline a few things I want to change this year:

1) Backlinking. Or whatever you cool kids of the SEO realm call it. I want to link people to what they NEED.

2) REAL Networking. I used to think networking was when you use other people to get something you need. Incorrect. Networking is when you have a friend who has a need and a friend who has a service and you put them together. EVERYONE wins. I forget ALL THE TIME to get information from other vendors at weddings so I can network them to brides and grooms in need. I realize this needs to change. Six weddings already booked this year so hopefully it does.

3) Blogging. I generally suck at it but I want to post at least a picture of whatever it is that I've been working on and a short explanation. Just like my old blog but here.

4) Be relevant. Yes, you're here for pictures but I need to give you  more than that. WHY did I take a picture? HOW did I take a picture? What blogs do I read to keep me up to date in the photography world? What magazines? Etc, etc. :)

Those will be the main things that need to change. Hopefully I can make those happen. :)


So as in my classic blog fashion... here are some pictures!!!  As always, ENJOY!!!

I recently was hired to shoot a concert for the legendary (in the Christian music community) Phillips, Craig, and Dean.


Here they are singing a few classic Christmas carols. Can't you tell by the lighting? :)

Phillips Craig and DeanPhillips Craig and Dean



So the microphone modifier you see there is a 90 degree modifier on it from Granelli Audio Labs out of Baltimore. I know the musicians will appreciate that!!! The djembe sounded great!

Here you can see the 90* angle SM57 adapter from Granelli studios, right here in baltimore. The musicians out there know what I'm talking about!Here you can see the 90* angle SM57 adapter from Granelli studios, right here in baltimore. The musicians out there know what I'm talking about!


I love this picture simply because this tour bassist is rocking out!!

Just one more. I love this picture of their tour bassist rocking out. Just epic!Just one more. I love this picture of their tour bassist rocking out. Just epic!


My next blog post? Maybe some pictures from my brother's wedding in December. They hired a photographer in Mexico but I had to bring my camera along ;)





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