I was going to look up some fancy quotes from some famous people about love but I think I would lose the essence of this project.

The price of good wedding photography is expensive.


There's no denying that (I mean look at my regular rates lol).

Unfortunately, love is priceless and capturing that love on a digital medium, accurately and reliably, comes at a cost.

I've started this project, two hundred weddings, to give the opportunity of higher quality photography at a ridiculously low price to couples purely for the sake of putting my belief in true love out there.

I think people should be able to get married without plunging neck deep into debt to do it so I'm hoping to find couples that NEED this break. The current market for weddings places the average price at over TWENTY. FIVE. THOUSAND. DOLLARS.


That's a car or two motorcycles or a down-payment on a house.

And so two hundred weddings was born.

I'm hoping to help [bring affordable quality to new couples], learn [just how much I love weddings], and share [moments that will never pass again] with people who believe in love like I do.


(If you do not believe you're going to be married forever, please save yourself the trouble of hiring me!)