Good Deal Print Review: Nations Photo Lab

September 29, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Alrighty. Cruising around FB one day, I saw an ad (SURPRISE!!) for $6 prints. 16x20 prints. All I could think was "niiiiiiice". So I figured I'd give "Nations Photo Lab" a try! :)

So I ordered some prints. I ordered a handful of 5x7 prints and three 16x20 prints hoping they would come out to be pretty awesome. My monitor is calibrated and I export from Lightroom using a calibrated color profile, just to be clear.

Ordering: Super easy. This is pretty standard nowadays. The only part of ordering that was less-than-intuitive was their print size selection. But once you see that you can select a photo (or more) and then select the size and add to cart, it's pretty easy to figure out.

Payment: Pretty standard. Cards and paypal.

Shipping: I got my invoice immediately in my email and they have plenty of FAQs that answer the questions about how many days it would take to be printed and arrive at your door step. I ordered on a Monday and had my prints in hand on Friday. To be fair, they're shipping from two hours north of where I live in MD so this level of expediency is probably not normal for every part of the country. Shipping was $7 for orders under $50 and free above that number.

Packaging: Boom! iphone Picture time!


Priority mail box!




Invoice is taped to the protective cardboard.




The prints are in between the protective pieces of cardboard. Taped on all four sides.




The 16x20s were in a protective piece of plastic and the 5x7s were in this small brown paper pouch.




The 5x7s look awesome :) 





Kodak Professional Endura paper...





The plastic covering has a sticky lip to keep everything inside.





The 16x20s look great :)   I can't wait to get frames for them!



Overall opinion: The prints look great and the colors look just like they do on my monitor. I couldn't be more happy with them ESPECIALLY for the sale price. If you're looking for really, really well priced prints that look awesome, check out Nations Photo Lab.


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