My first second shooter and everything goes sideways...

May 26, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

So... I've never been a second shooter for a wedding. I can't even explain how interesting it's been to be a solo photographer for so many years now and dream of second shooting for someone else but here I am "doin' my own thang" as it were. Luckily for me, there are a few people in my life who've shown a great interest in second shooting for me. Here is one of those people.

Ladies and gentleblog-readers, Jarred:

Obviously this is a terrible picture taken of Jarred at the wedding we shot last night but since the bride was sick and not doing well at all (and the ambulance hadn't arrived yet), I decided to snap a nutty pic anyways. Not having been a second shooter, all I could do was give Jarred advice about the day and everything it normally entails. Except the wedding day was nothing like a normal wedding day.

Normal wedding days run from 10-10 or so, depending on numerous details, and don't end with sirens. Yesterday's wedding started at 7a, included two ceremonies, a roasted pig (yes, the whole thing), no desire for formals, and trip to the hospital. Let me just say... this being Jarred's foray into the wedding photography world... might have been a crazy left foot to start with. 

When the lovely couple leave in a red box on wheels, you might find yourself wondering if the wedding is over or not. A huge part of me wanted to hop in the ambulance with the couple or at least follow them to the hospital to get some pictures to help document their day. I'm sure a lot of people would think this to be "insensitive" but these are the real moments of our real lives that we're trying to capture for people and as a wedding photographer, I KNOW that means in sickness and in health.

Luckily the bride is doing great this morning but I was really worried. Life is a funny thing.

So back to doling out advice to Jarred...

The biggest piece of advice I could give yesterday? Weddings are unpredictable. Even when you've attended the rehearsal and everything is "set" in everyone's minds, things can change in an instant at a wedding. All of the sudden people might become interested in some very formal pictures or someone can even get sick. That's how life works too though. And we all keep chugging along trying to make the best of it. And we will, won't we?

Here are some teasers from the best parts of the wedding :)





































Congratulations to Barbara and Nick for sharing an AMAZING wedding day with me and Jarred. I'm sure their kids and grandkids will love these pictures some day :)



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