A confession

April 03, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Recently I photographed a wedding where I did NOT feel confident about my work while I was snapping away. Normally I'm on my A-game and feeling the movement of the bride and groom and moments unfold just before they're meant to but not on this particular day. I felt like there were too many distractions. Too many nuances that were keeping me from enjoying the occasion as I usually do.

Typically I'm intoxicated with the wedding day hoopla... but not this particular day.

So what happened? My hyper analytical mind kicked into overdrive especially considering this was the first wedding where I've ever felt this way.

A myriad of factors contributed to my brain's interpretation of the day from unruly kids, drab environments, and even my own struggle with my (sometimes frustrating) two camera race harness but by the end of the wedding... I figured I'd royally screwed up and just offer the bride and groom a few extra sessions of just the two of them.

But then some magic happened.

The bride received the pictures and loved them.

For whatever reason, I was completely distracted this day and couldn't just see everything for what I normally see it all to be: beautiful.

I'm still going to take the bride and groom out for a fun couple session but a giant weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I hope I never get so distracted by the hoopla to forget to enjoy the hoopla again.



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