The Power of Perspective

October 17, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Alrighty. So a friend of mine asked me to shoot his baby. In a pumpkin. lol. I'm not too good with kids (I'm actually just afraid of them) but after some convincing, I headed over to his casa. I was HOPING to get pictures done outside, in the grass, and with a beautiful cloud filled sky in the background. Unfortunately by the time we got off of work, it was miserable outside. Rain. Grey sky. Overall drab.

So what did the photographer in my head start to think? Let me show you the finished product first:


Yesssss!!! Total cuteness, right?? How about this?


EPIC!!! What a good looking family!!!

But, like the title of this post, there is power in the perspective. I'm sure some photographers and viewers will notice I'm almost shooting UP at the couple. Like I'm laying on the ground. Of a garage:



There was a quick snap with my iphone ^^. Indeed, we're in a garage. Now go back and look at the first two pictures. NOW you can see we're in a garage, right? You start to notice small details and clues that let you know where you are.... now that you know where you are.

A neutral colored blanket on the floor kept the concrete from becoming a distraction and shooting from below pumpkin level gave the sky an opportunity to open up behind the baby! Voila! Troubleshooting the photographer way! So even though we didn't get to shoot in the grass, I think the pictures still came out looking pretty spiffy :)   These will make great #throwbackThursday pictures for baby Haley when she's grown up one day!

Here's one more picture to show you how much room a garage door allows when you're laying on the ground:



"Totes presh" as a friend of mine says :P

Have an awesome Friday!! If you're a mom, go carve a pumpkin! If you're a photographer, go lay on a garage floor!!!


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